9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out

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This film should be viewed as a whole body of work, as it is NOT about the life, career or CREDIBILTY of any one perticular Hollywood Celebrity.

Celebrities do have the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and are free to verbally express their own opinion (so long as it doesn’t cause personal injury to others). If I wanted RESPECTABILTY, I would have made a boring film about the dozen or so ACADEMICALLY ACCREDITED scientests who have actually tested the World Trade Center dust and found UN-EXPLODED military grade NANO-THERMITE.

This film is about Hollywood’s GUT FEELING that something is just not right, and the dozens of UNANSWERED QUESTIONS they have.

  • anon

    Inside job! Wake up you stupid sheep and get angry!

  • Anon

    Long but worth the watch! This documentary is great, although I suggest watching Loose Change first because one is purely fact and this one just has a lot of opinions in it.