The Kennedy Assassination – Beyond Conspiracy

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Forty years after President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot on November 22, 1963, over 70 percent of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill him and that the suspected assasin, Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Utilizing modern technology, computer animator Dale Myers created a digital simulation of the only known film of the murder, a 16 mm home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder, a bystander that filmed the fatal shots. Then Myers matched this digital film to a three dimensional computer model of Dealey Plaza which he created that reconstructs the plaza exactly as it appeared at the time of the murder.

The resulting digital animation allowed Myers to recreate the exact view point from any perspective within the plaza at the moment and finally provide concrete evidence of whether or not Oswald was a long assasin or if an actual conspiracy consisted. Also examined is new evidence discovered years later on an audio tape from an open police microphone at the scene and other theories that circulated including Communist ties and mob involvement in the assassination.

  • I was two when Kennedy was killed but always thought it was his politics that got him killed. In the last few years, I have come to understand the world powers which have been at work for centuries. I have several issues with your report. Forget the Stone film – that’s make-believe. First, the photo of the far left window of the book depository shows a person in the window who is not Oswald. Second: There are differences between the post-mortem photos taken of Kennedy’s body in Dallas and those taken before the autopsy at Bethesda Naval. The photos show the damage was toward the top rear of the skull, indicating a shot from the front. No entry would in the scalp is recognizable from the rear. The body left Dallas without a body bag but arrived at Bethesda in a body bag. Third: The driver (Secret Service agent) slowed down rather than sped up after the first shot(s) hit Kennedy, contrary to Secret Service protocol; and, he turned around twice (the second time for a longer period and you can see the barrel of a pistol. The agent to the driver’s right seems to duck once but never turns around. It is not until the fatal shot and the driver’s return to a forward position that the vehicle takes off. Fourth: The driver was never interviewed. Fifth: The four motorcycle cops are behind the President’s vehicle and Secret Service is riding on the vehicle behind them, contrary to protocol. Sixth: Did you research Kennedy’s speeches from inauguration forward, and his actions only five months earlier? He practically name the secret organizations of which we should be aware, and the day before the Dallas trip, he warns the media. Five months earlier, Kennedy began to take power away from the Federal Reserve by issuing silver-backed funds kept under control of the U.S. Treasury and out of the hands of the Fed. You have to know the real conspiracy (see memo by Nathan Rothschild of 1811) and how the Fed of 1913 came about, the players involved and their ties to international bankers, the scares (two of them and J.P. Morgan bailed them out) of 1907 and the crash of 1929, the two prior attempts of the international bankers 1791 and 1811 to gain control of the U.S. monetary system because it was seen as a threat by the bankers. (See Times London article, which states in part, ‘That government must be destroyed …) Those powers are the ones who have killed or discredited every person who has dared to thwart their efforts. Don’t be another group involve in the cover-up. If Woodward and Bernstein weren’t conspiracy theorists, Watergate wouldn’t have made front-page news. Oh, by the way, did the missing notebooks from the safe contain information concerning Kennedy’s assassination? If so, that indicts the Democratic party of the U.S. of two things: involvement with the people who killed Kennedy, and involvement in the global new world order conspiracy. This is real – facts exist and those who know the truth aren’t crazy. They just want us to be labeled that way. It’s so unbelievable, they can get away with it – and they have – for over 200 years! Do the research – you won’t believe the web they’ve laid.