WikiRebels – Documentary on Wikileaks

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WikiRebels: The Documentary on Wikileaks, OpenLeaks and Julian Assange. The documentary follows Julian Assange, editor in chief of Wikileaks, a whistle-blowing website, Kristinn Hrafnsson, new spokesperson of Wikileaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, ex-Wikileaks member who is now starting his own website Openleaks, as well as other members of Wikileaks.

Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist traveled many key countries where Wikileaks has been operating throughout most of 2010, interviewing and following these key members.

  • Fearush

    This is a stupid leak. Why leak information about the individuals who are controlled and lied too. The atrocities of war are obvious, that’s not new. The fault is in the hands that released, the destruction that is the US Military, on an undeserving population. The individuals in the Military are just doing their jobs with information and propaganda that most people are not exposed to, a threat of death everyday that most never experience, and passion that all aspire to. This does nothing but direct a deserved disgust in the wrong direction.