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Eye Of The Illuminati


We are now living in strange times, where starvation still exists and an unbalanced world is our reality. While time moves on, and the years pass by, we allow ourselves to become more subjected to psychological and developmental damage brought on by a system of control, rules, response-abilities and consequences. How long has this damage been happening, and how has ... Read More »

Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age

full documentary

Change is on the Horizon is the epic story of how the world lost its soul and how it will gain it back. Directed and narrated by James Rink. Part 1 – Dawn of the Golden Age – Discuses how Saint Germain helped bring about the beginnings of a enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of ... Read More »

Lady Die

Princess Diana assassination documentary

  A Message From British Film Director, CHRIS EVERARD: Since 1997, I have been investigating the crash which killed Princess Diana, her companion, Dodi AlFayed, the driver, Henri Paul, and massively wounded ex-paratrooper Trevor Rees-Jones. LADY DIE represents nearly ten years of research by myself, DAVID ICKE and the co-authors of the book “Diana: The Hidden Evidence”, JON KING and ... Read More »

The illuminati Documentary – Luciferian Conspiracy

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The remake of the original “Conspiritus – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy” – Everyone is recommended to use this version instead of the old one, this one explains the origin of the Illuminati, and slowly moves on with the agenda. The old one was in many ways too extreme and was only supposed to be seen by very experienced researchers.The remake ... Read More »

The Calling: It is Time to Wake Up

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[jwplayer mediaid=”3629″] Should some people you know still remain blind to the urgency of the world situation and to their need to be informed and act upon such information, it is my sincere hope that this film may help you to open their eyes. (from film transcript)The main goal of this production is to provide information to people, much of ... Read More »

Killuminati: Tupac Exposes the illuminati

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[jwplayer mediaid=”3635″] Full Length Documentary Chronicling slain rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur’s war with the illuminati. The illuminati was started on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt was commissioned to do so by the Rothschild Family. The Rothschild Family dynasty begin in Khazaria & currently runs the world from London, England through the financial system. They worship the true ... Read More »

The Soul Travelers

documentary full

[jwplayer config=”Player1″ mediaid=”2782″]   Michael Wynn’s “The Soul Travelers” reveals the truth about mythology, the spirit world, magic, Satanism, and the Illuminati. This documentary reviews repeating themes in mythology and tales of ancient man. Then the video discusses the details of the spirit world, chakras, demons, and angels. It continues by delving into the details of magic, the occult, and ... Read More »

Ring of Power: Empire of the City

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[jwplayer mediaid=”3645″] From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, “Ring of Power — Empire of the City — 4,000 Years of Suppressed History” puzzles together the missing pieces of our human story. Find out how an Illuminati network of international bankers and European royalty have turned the world’s nations and citizens into their debt ... Read More »

Illuminati Vol 2 – The Antichrist Conspiricy

Illuminati Conspiricy documentary

[jwplayer config=”Player1″ mediaid=”2785″]   The Antichrist Conspiracy follows on from where Chris Everards last film ended – it tracks the Chinese governments torture campaign in Tibet, where thousands of monks have been forced to fornicate in the streets and have been imprisoned without trial – some for more than 20 years. It parallels the scenes of torture from Tibet with ... Read More »