2030 UnMasked

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The documentary 2030 Unmasked reveals the link between Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks, the Banking System, and the impending “Great Reset.”

This film is for everybody who recognises that something is wrong with the world. Especially useful for individuals who are “just waking up.” It’s unsettling to realise that so many things you’ve been told are false, and this video aims to explain WHY so many things are occurring, HOW they’re happening, and WHAT you can do about it.

We won’t be able to obey our way out of tyranny.

The greatest way forward is through mass disobedience, and helping as many people as possible become AWARE is a good place to start.

This 2-Hour “2030 Unmasked” independent documentary offers an exceptional attempt to make sense out of today’s complex and clandestine forces. The content offered, here. will never appear on mainstream news, big tech social media platforms, nor standard academia. Consider this a must-see and must-share content.

ExtremelyAmerican – On Rumble

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Good Doc, and covers many accurate historical facts. Except for the fact it completely ignores that DJT (The “Father of the Vaxx” and Capt. OP Warp-speed) was the one who locked down the country, signed the CARES act and champions the deadly bio-weapon injections till this very day. He hired the deep state he promised to “drain” (Slaoui, Hahn, Gottilieb, Azar, Barr, Bolton, Pompeo, Brennan, Kushner) and he also even praised Klaus at the WEF (whom Ivanka is a YGL) and said that “he was doing a fantastic job”. Do some basic research and this illusion of DJT not being… Read more »

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Trump DIDN’T lock the country down. He strongly opposed it. Also, he left it to the governors as to whether their states should lock down or not. And when Fauci tried to extend it, he shot it down. And he doesn’t “champion” anything. He told people it was up to them if they wanted to take it or not. He never mandated the shot. But guess who did. If Trump didn’t let the vaccines come out, people would have lived in fear for years and we would have kept things in a semi-shut down state for years — if not… Read more »