The International Banking Cartel

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The only way to defeat the lies is by spreading the truth – Peace – This is the must see YouTube movie that drags the banker conspiracy from the shadows of theory and half truth, into the clarity of a very harsh reality. This film is a factual documentary, not opinion or conjecture.

It charts the activity of the elite banking family’s that have planned the takeover of this world..Sounds unbelievable right?..Wrong..They are now very close to achieving their goal…As you may guess the Rothschild family are top of the pyramid with an estimated fortune of 100\500 trillion, nobody knows for sure. I use the word pyramid for a reason because this lot ARE the infamous Illuminati.They have total control over US & UK politics and have been been in cahoots with the Vatican for generations.They own the fossil fuel industry and the drug industry (legal & illegal).

Throughout modern history they have managed to back both side’s during various war’s with huge loans. The winner being who they decide to finance the most, even causing some of these wars. They are responsible for agenda 21 and they are the wannabe N.W.O leaders (Research if you do not know). They are probably the one’s that mugged your gran last week because they seem to be responsible for 90% of all evil, i find that rather fitting as they own 90% of the worlds wealth.

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