Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

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Cancer – medically known as a potentially fatal group of diseases, involving abnormal growth of cells, with the likelihood of spreading to other parts of the body. To the everyday man or woman, cancer is known simply as the ink on a death wish signature. To big pharmaceutical companies, cancer is known as its money-making, prized cash cow.

In this documentary Cancer The Forbidden Cures, we learn how a disease responsible for 8 million deaths per year can generate pharmaceutical products worth $50,000 per person for basic treatment. However, it begs the question, does it have to be this way? This film takes us on a virtual time travel dating back to the 1820’s where the world actually had a choice between allopathic (mainstream, pharmacological) and naturopathic (alternative, natural) forms of medical treatment. Hard to imagine!

Revealed are the heart-rending cases where history repeats itself time and time again, in which we see entities like the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food Drug Administration (FDA) successfully prevent and hinder individuals’ successful attempts to cure cancer – all in the name of money of course.

We learn about Rene Caisse, a humble 1920’s nurse from Canada, who successfully treated 300-400 patients, per week with her natural, herb-based cancer cure, ‘Essiac.’ Only to be targeted by the AMA and the FDA after she refused to sell the rights to her product for $1 billion because she could not guarantee it would be made available to everyone, including those who could not afford it. Similarly, we hear the story of Harry Hoxsey, a wealthy Texas businessman who inherited a natural cure for cancer from his dying father, and like Rene made it available to everyone including the less fortunate. He too would suffer the same fate as Rene, after a 25 year legal battle with the AMA and FDA, he would find himself labeled a “quack” and would have to close his clinics across the USA and reopen them in Mexico, successfully curing patients there.

Names like Max Gerson and Gerd Hamer would become highly popularized as they proposed and proved their worth in alternative cures to cancer, like Rene and Harry, that excluded the use of ironically highly carcinogenic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This documentary reveals the dark, twisted, history of the AMA and FDA and their continued push, to this day, to ostracize and persecute healthier, proven, alternatives to cancer treatment, in their quest to support and leech off the trillion dollar industry that is Big Pharma.

Take a look at the century-long struggle between alternative and modern medicine, patient testimonies, and of course, the ‘professionals’ who, today, stand by their opposition towards alternative cures for the disease we know as cancer. All of this and more is examined and uncovered in Cancer the Forbidden Cures.

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