Cannabis Cures Cancer: Run From The Cure

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“More diseases equal more money.” This appears to be the general consensus among big businesses and big pharmaceutical companies, who continue to withhold and deny definite alternative cures for big financial gains. These companies strive to stop natural remedies that can’t be patented because simply put, “you can’t put a patent on nature.”

This documentary by Canadian Rick Simpson follows his discovery of a successful cure for cancer through the outlawed cannabis plant. On witnessing the death of his 25-year-old cousin to cancer and experiencing the horrible side effects of a drug used to combat a head injury himself, Rick invented a cure for cancer and other ailments through the use of cannabis oil. Oil that he would give away to people free of charge – used to cure illnesses like cancer, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain to name a few.

In this film, we learn how the Canadian Cancer Society refused to acknowledge Rick’s discovery as a viable cure for cancer, and the Royal Canadian Legion’s move to close one of their charters for their support of cannabis as a cure. Uncovered is Rick’s process for making hemp oil – a dangerous method but with highly effective results.

We hear testimonies from numerous individuals bearing successful healing stories on the healing properties of this nature-made medicine. Testimonies from people who were willing to face prosecution, persecution, and victimization as a result of using Rick’s hemp oil. Rick also describes what he thinks are the sources of cancer in today’s society. Harmful hormones found in consumer meat products, daily toxic environments, and hazardous waste and pollution are a few of the contributing factors that Rick covers in this film.

We learn that extensive research, to this day, still can’t find any detrimental effects of hemp and hemp products on one’s health. We learn of a miracle cure plant that has been the subject of disinformation and propaganda, scaring a society for over 5000 years. Find out these things and more on how Rick Simpson became a savior to many, an enemy to few, but respected by all in this documentary film, Run From The Cure.

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