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We now live in a society of consumerism. Media propaganda, the ‘Big Club’ of organized greed, mega corporations, and the Internet has inducted us, from a young age, into the consumer culture. Being constantly distracted by screens has become the social norm. Our lives have been taken over and influence by images and footage animal-like behavior – as seen in the popular Black Friday madness and Cyber Monday craziness. We’ve slowly lost our personal liberty in the real-world to a growing police State, and to the online world through censorship by Big Brother. Privacy is the new publicity.

When will it stop? Where do we draw the line in the sand? What do we do about it? These questions, along with the exploration of the growing methods of control by the privileged 1% through media, and other means, are explored in this documentary. This film reveals a world as seen through the eyes of the Internet, and cyber technology. A world where the privileged can encroach on your personal space without any reason at all, both in tangible reality, and virtual reality. A world where the US Patriot Act was developed to restrict society’s everyday freedoms, while our Internet freedoms are being stolen from right under our noses.

However, there’s an awakening on the horizon. There’s a new world that won’t take it. A dramatic movement that is far greater than any army the 1% could ever imagine, or dream of putting together. This documentary features video, audio, written, footage and images uploaded by a collective of Internet users who seek change. Groups like Anonymous, who don’t scare easily and who’s bite is far greater than their bark. We see a global movement that seeks to uncover the hypocrisy, double standards, and unjust acts of the ‘Big Club.’

But, who exactly are the ‘Big Club?’ Who exactly are these congressmen and politicians being bought? Who exactly is Big Brother? Who is Anonymous, and who are the brave individuals that seek to unmask the true criminals in this game? Find out the answers to these questions and more as we find out in this film exactly who is Owned & Operated.

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