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JFK Revisited – Through the Looking Glass (2021)

JFK Revisited – Through the Looking Glass is a 2021 American-British documentary film about the assassination of John F. Kennedy directed by Oliver Stone, based on the 1992 non-fiction book Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case by James DiEugenio and on newly declassified evidence about the case.

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JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

What do Hitler, the Nazi Regime, the Royal Family, the Italian Mafia, former US President John F. Kennedy, and the unforgettable events of 9/11 have in common? A shadow Government consisting of the world’s wealthiest ruling class harlots and hideous men. This documentary travels back in time to the days of Adolf Hitler, explores the indirect link to the Nazi …

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JFK II – The Bush Connection

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JFK2 – The sequel to Oliver Stone’s JFK, you won’t see in the cinema. A thoroughly documented criminal indictment establishing beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of George HW Bush as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy. The evidence relies primarily on governement documents and public records. The center piece of the evidence is a memo entitled …

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