End of Liberty

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With Big Brother no longer a conspiracy theory but a reality. With increased security both at airports and outside. With the virtual impossibility of not breaking millions of ridiculous rules and laws, ranging from storing rainwater to kindergarten kids being suspended for doodling rocket ships. With secret Government reports robbing us of our constitutional rights and privacy. With threats and harassment to small, organic business from large, corporate entities. With pending inevitable hyperinflation, soaring food prices, puppet politicians, and an imminent breakdown of society, could this be the end of liberty?

As Government spirals out of control, implementing preposterous laws and unnecessarily tighter security measures, due to self-inflicted, homegrown “terrorist threats,” a nation sees their rights and liberties wash down the drain. Young children targeted at school for breaking harmless “laws,” and finding themselves on the Department of Homeland Security terrorist watch lists. Small, organic farmers being raided and harassed by authorities as they try to aid in feeding a nation, while large corporate-owned chicken coup concentration camps continue to make all the money, paid for with our health. Acts of kindness being outlawed daily, a steady decline in the literacy rate, and a move to complete dependency on Government health care – so that they can fully control the what, when, where, and how. These are all living facts and proof that freedom – society’s freedom, is an outdated concept.

In this documentary, National Inflation Association (NIA), seeks to expose the Government for the heinous acts it’s been hiding right under the noses of its citizens for years. They explore the gross breach of privacy and basic human rights experienced daily at the hands of TSA agents and their full body scanners. They examine a system that is failing our children, and adults alike, painting them as threats to our society. N.I.A shows us how food prices have skyrocketed, and continue to do so, while the large entities continue to see profits while poisoning the people. Exposed is the impending doom of hyperinflation, in a sordid attempt to counteract the unimaginable damage to the economy by the Federal Reserve. An act that will see the welcoming disappearance of mortgages, but with the backlash of expensive means to fill fridges and feed mouths.

N.I.A makes it clear in this documentary that until innovators and entrepreneurs can produce jobs without Government’s tightly wrapped red tape, and until society freely escapes the clutches of the US Dollar and make a return to precious metals, as the founding fathers wrote it to be in the Constitution, society as we know it will face a breakdown. Take a look at these pressing matters, as National Inflation Association explore the End Of Liberty.

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