Fire Water

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Fire Water: Australiaʼs Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace gives a voice to those seldom heard – Australians who know the truth about mandatory water fluoridation and refuse to remain silent.
With Australian authorities rapidly moving to fluoridate all remaining areas ofthe country, the timing of this film could not be more pertinent. It is urgent that the Australian people have the opportunity to hear these viewpoints.

Featuring researchers, politicians, activists, sufferers and health practitioners, Fire Water follows the impacts and issues surrounding the practice of adding
industrial waste to public drinking water without the informed consent of the people.

With a mainstream media that either cowers to government and health
authorities, or actively promotes the fluoridation agenda, the people – although backed by certain brave professionals – have been left without a voice for decades.

People like Scott, a father who refuses to pay for the poisoned water that threatens the health of his children on a daily basis; Marilyn, who is virtually house-bound in her attempts to avoid fluoridated water; and David, whose scientific objections have fallen on deaf ears, time and time again.

These are among the many thousands of citizens and professionals around the world who are awake to the fraud of water fluoridation, and who are aware of the tactics of the arrogant authorities that promote the practice. Fire Water is the story of those who object to being poisoned; of those experiencing negative health reactions to fluoride toxins; of those who demand their individual right to informed consent; and of those who demand accountability and scientific integrity from Australian health authorities, water
authorities and governments.

Pro-fluoridation propaganda has been pumped into the public consciousness for over fifty years. But with the rise of the Internet Age, the odds are balancing out. The people can now access the precious truth en masse and share this knowledge with other aware people around the world. Scientific documentation and multimedia productions on the topic of fluoridation are no longer difficult to access, and are available for easy use to counteract profluoridation
ʻspin. Consequently, the proverbial ʻwriting is on the wallʼ for fluoridation. Fire Water demonstrates the wide spectrum of individuals now awake to the fluoridation fraud. Australia is fighting back, harder than ever.

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