The illuminati Documentary – Luciferian Conspiracy

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The remake of the original “Conspiritus – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy” – Everyone is recommended to use this version instead of the old one, this one explains the origin of the Illuminati, and slowly moves on with the agenda.

The old one was in many ways too extreme and was only supposed to be seen by very experienced researchers.The remake is 90% the same as the old one so you will not miss out any data.

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This was an interesting documentary; but I do wonder about something regarding the Bohemian Grove footage captured by Alex Jones. The attendees burn the effigy of the owl, Moloch, annually. And in the footage Moloch is mocking the attendees while the attendees stand their ground and challenge Moloch. It seems to me that the grove attendees are challenging Moloch and not worshipping him. However strange this is, how does it show that the ‘elite’ are practicing something ‘evil’? They appear to be setting themselves free from Moloch.

Help me understand.

Ed Davis

Moloch is meant to represent Idolatry in all its forms. The ceremony is meant to represent that they are indeed setting themselves free from Moloch while attending the Grove. Its easy to read a lot or (too much) into ceremonial pageants like this. 9 times out of 10 it all comes back to tradition.

Matt Jacobs

Bad mojo is bad mojo, whether your dressin’ up like a cloaked wizard to act out a sacrifice or the destruction of evil spirits your participating in a pagan ritualistic art form. It should be of public interest that our world leaders are gathered in secret, chosen ahead of time, and act out spiritualistic rites and religious styled gatherings. With No if, ands, or buts, to an investigation of prostitution and drug use at these gatherings as well. If we want to have democracy in truth and not illusion then we must challenge all secret gatherings of officials and keep… Read more »

Kr -isi

Grazie per aver fatto vero giornalismo,per la prima volta mi è venuto in mente che sicuramente gesu era venuto dire qualcosa ma noi abbiamo decido di seguire l’altro. Maria partorisce senza peccato perche capisce che il sesso no è peccato e va a partorire di nascosto perche è un matrimonio d’amore e non combinato. qui è il paradiso tu puoi fare un marimonio con l’aqua e non con ll vino perche è il suo matrimonio e lui è felice perche sta sposando la donna che ama e non deve obnubilare un matrimonio con il vino perche è gia nell’estasi dell’amore.… Read more »