Flatten The Curve

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The eye-opening documentary “Flatten The Curve” by Truth Frequencies Films dives headlong into the controversial flat Earth conspiracy theory and its curious resurgence in recent years.

Far from just dismissing the concept, the film aims to understand why an archaic cosmological model rejected centuries ago somehow still retains its allure today. It delves into flat Earth online communities and profiles adherents of varying backgrounds who found the notion strangely compelling.

Through interviews with both proponents and scientific experts, “Flatten The Curve” examines the key tenets of flat Earth theory – the belief in a disc-shaped world, rejection of gravity, and conspiracy around Antarctica’s off-limits perimeter. It analyzes the counterarguments posed to modern astronomy and physics.

In exploring this fringe theory, “Flatten The Curve” prompts reflections on knowledge gatekeeping, the fallibility of human reason, and why even our most fundamental assumptions about reality seem up for debate in a complex, divided world. More than just marveling at odd beliefs, it encourages viewers to find common ground.

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