Once were the Living

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The documentary “Once Were The Living” by independent media group Spacebusters dives deep into a variety of pandemic-related conspiracy theories that have proliferated in recent years. The film aims to unpack speculative claims about sinister motives behind the COVID-19 response, from tainted test swabs to vaccine mechanisms.

“Once Were The Living” covers distressing assertions like nano-particles on swabs acting as antennas to collect DNA. It delves into anxieties around mRNA vaccines potentially modifying biology. The documentary explores fringe assertions about population control agendas orchestrated under the guise of public health initiatives.

Expanding its scope, the film also touches on conspiracy theories around “The Great Reset” and Fourth Industrial Revolution being Trojan horses for the elite to increase authoritarian control through digital surveillance. It discusses concerns about freedoms being curtailed under such global initiatives.

By shining light on fringe theories flourishing today, the documentary examines our relationship to authority during times of turmoil. It prompts questions about the line between healthy skepticism versus corrosive suspicion that breeds isolation and inaction.

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