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This documentary film “FLUVID-19” delves into the global impact of the recent health crisis, questioning whether it was truly a random viral outbreak or something more calculated. It spotlights connections between influential groups like world elites and masonic organizations, with collaboration from influential governments, health agencies, financial institutions like BlackRock and Vanguard, and influential gatherings like the World Economic Forum and Bilderberg Group. At the heart of this narrative lies the allegation of a mass deception that has shaped the worlds trajectory.

Methodically, the documentary unveils odd inconsistencies in the official narrative. It portrays likely misinformation and censorship obscuring truths from public view. This sparks discussions about powerful entities manipulating events through media control.

Intriguingly, the film notes the strange disappearance of seasonal flu amidst the outbreak’s peak. The abrupt lack of influenza raises doubts about the accuracy of reported data. It suggests other illnesses may have been mislabeled to inflate the pandemic’s scale.

The documentary explores alleged collusion between authorities, health agencies, financial institutions and influential gatherings. It examines their potential shared interests in leveraging the crisis for power grabs, economic gains, and social control.

While controversial, the film encourages critical assessment of information sources. It promotes transparency and accountability regarding global events that shape society. It urges seeking underlying truths, regardless of one’s stance on the bold claims.

By questioning official narratives, “FLUVID-19” spurs important debates on the pandemic’s origins and handling. It challenges viewers to discern how powerful groups may sway information dissemination. This thought-provoking work acts as a catalyst for scrutinizing world-altering crises through a lens of skepticism.


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