COVID-19: The Biodefense Mafia

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COVID-19: The Biodefense Mafia documentary presents a dystopian view of the world, where the ruling class, referred to as the Overclass, is engaged in biopolitics aimed at stripping human beings of their agency and autonomy. The Overclass is using public health, biosecurity, and medical countermeasures, with mandatory vaccination as a foot in the door to eventually be able to inject anything they want into innocent people. The ruling class wants to reshape human beings with genetic engineering and bionanotechnology, molding them into obedient, docile slaves with no free will, so they can keep accumulating wealth and enjoying their lavish lifestyles without interference from the poor, lobotomized plebeians.

It accuses the Overclass of colonizing our bodies with Internet of Bodies (IoB) tech, predicting and manipulating human behaviour by collecting our health data on a vast scale, enriching themselves at the expense of our privacy, agency, and autonomy. The ruling oligarchs are literally trying to rip our humanity and dignity away from us, creating a neofeudalistic two-tiered caste system of serfs who rent everything from hereditary aristocrats. The first step to overthrowing this system of control is to assert that human beings have natural rights that cannot be usurped by any tyrant, no matter how sophisticated their methods.

The genocidal biosecurity panopticon being installed by the Biodefense Mafia represents the most monstrous invasion of our privacy and curtailment of our rights in the history of our species. The documentary accuses utterly amoral and psychopathic oligarchs of building a prison around humanity, brick by bloodstained brick, while we’re distracted by irrelevant things like identity politics, celebrity romances, and absurd political theater. If we don’t fight back against this with all our might, generations yet unborn will curse us for having done nothing to prevent their slavery.

The documentary also accuses Klaus Schwab and his puppets in government of speaking of “Stakeholder” governance, as though the will of the people is part of their decision-making process, but they’ve left the vast majority of humanity out of the loop and out of the conversation. The Davos elites don’t want our input, they want to unilaterally impose a new, utterly alien form of life on us without our knowledge or consent. These petty dictators speak entirely in jargon-laden TEDTalk platitudes, offering harebrained nostrums for the future of mankind, while behind closed doors, they pass fistfuls of cash to puppet politicians and a consent-manufacturing media through dark money networks resembling organized crime.

They say those responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic and the tyrannical biosecurity state that it spawned of bioterrorism, racketeering, fraud, democide, treason, and crimes against humanity. The documentary claims that those responsible hold high positions in corporations, in banking, and in public office, and if we allow amnesty for these crimes, then all of this will happen again, and again, and again, until the populace is so browbeaten by the criminals in power, they have no choice but to submit.
The documentary also accuses Anthony Fauci of lying to Congress about gain-of-function research, and Lawrence Tabak of brazenly lying to Congress about gain-of-function research. The US Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community are covering up DARPA and DTRA’s activities in foreign biolabs, as well as the devastating injuries these vaccines are causing to US servicemen and civilians, which are prosecutable criminal offenses.

They call for standing up to this tyranny and rejecting the shackles that our leaders are attempting to place upon us. Those who would commit such heinous atrocities against the world’s people must face justice, even if it means dissolving whole institutions.


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