Unprecedented – The 2000 Presidential Election

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The 2000 presidential election’s chicanery is explored in a 50-minute docu from Joan Sekler and Richard R. Perez —a powerful piece of agitprop filmmaking seemingly designed to re-ignite a fire under Democrats and perhaps make Republicans take an honest look at their party’s actions… …Pic is a first step in a return to examining what happened and deserves TV exposure. It could be used as an organizing tool for election reform groups as well.

The filmmakers quickly examine such topics as the purging of alleged felons, overwhelmingly African-American, from voter rolls; the problems with ballot design and counting; the infamous “spontaneous” demonstration that helped cut short the ballot recount in Miami/Dade County; and the conflicts of interest that many felt should have forced at least three of the Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from the election decision. Pic’s only flaw is its brevity; the subject is so vast that an enhanced DVD release is called for.

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