Illuminati Vol 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy

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The Antichrist Conspiracy follows on from where Chris Everards last film ended – it tracks the Chinese government’s torture campaign in Tibet, where thousands of monks have been forced to fornicate in the streets and have been imprisoned without trial – some for more than 20 years. It parallels the scenes of torture from Tibet with the photos of Psy-Ops ritualized torture at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. This film asks and to a certain extent proves that an evil agenda is being followed by the American and Chinese governments…

An interview with a senior official at the Washington State Department – the actual department which recommended to president George Bush that China receives “America’s Most Favoured Nation” award – is seen breaking down on camera – probably due to being brainwashed.

Another important part of this film shows a Chinese government minister appearing on the BBCs QUESTION TIME program – the minister is challenged about the policy of torture and genocide in Tibet – again the minister stares into space, talks not to the interviewer but as if reciting a message pre-programmed into his brain – another clear sign of brainwashing.

Perhaps the most important sequence shows Bill Clinton in a semi-trance state repeating the same message on TV cameras over and over again. Whilst make-up people tend to his clothes, Bill Clinton sits motionless, unblinking, staring into empty space – this is what Psy-Ops specialists call ‘Park Mode’.

Aleister Crowley, L Ron Hubbard, John Parsons and the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale University are all covered in this documentary film.

The Antichrist Conspiracy is made by British film director CHRIS EVERARD.

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