Recent Conspiracy Documentaries

Painful Deceptions

9/11 conspiracy documentary

“Painful Deceptions,” which deals with the events of 9-11. Evidence and facts are carefully examined; photos and video captures are analyzed. Eric shows us with graphic (literally), undeniable evidence that the official explanations for the atrocities committed on September 11, 2001 are questionable at best. He shows us that there is MUCH more to 9-11 than we are being told …

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Hidden Human History

full documentary

Our history is not what we think! Over the past few thousand years, we have warped our own history. Our versions of the past have been mistranslated, changed, altered, and skewed to fit our understanding of reality, and completely left many things that we cannot explain. Today, we are going to look at an alternate version of our history, a …

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War on Health – FDA’s Cult of Tyranny

health conspiracy documentary

War on Health is the first documentary detailing and challenging the FDA agenda and its allegiance with the international Codex Alimentarius, which hopes to establish a monolithic food and health regime. Betraying its founding mandate to assure drug, food and chemical safety in the interests of public health, the FDA today is a repressive bureaucracy serving pharmaceutical and agricultural greed …

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An Inconvenient Tooth

fluoride conspiracy

  An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary about the fluoridation of the water and how it effects the health. The controversy occurs mainly in English-speaking countries, as Continental Europe does not practice water fluoridation. Instead, fluoride is added to most table salt in Europe. Those opposed argue that water fluoridation imposes ethical issues, may cause serious health problems, is not …

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