Recent Conspiracy Documentaries

The War You Don’t See

war media conspiracy documentary

  A powerful and timely investigation into the media’s role in war, tracing the history of embedded and independent reporting from the carnage of World War One to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the current war in Afghanistan and disaster in Iraq. As weapons and propaganda become even more sophisticated, the nature of war …

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Owned & Operated

owned & operated documentary full

We now live in a society of consumerism. Media propaganda, the ‘Big Club’ of organized greed, mega corporations, and the Internet has inducted us, from a young age, into the consumer culture. Being constantly distracted by screens has become the social norm. Our lives have been taken over and influence by images and footage animal-like behavior – as seen in …

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overdraft banking documentary

  Overdraft is a one-hour documentary for PBS stations. It presents a broad explanation of America’s federal debt and the choices Americans will have to make to fix it. This film describes the connections, opportunities, and consequences of debt at the federal, state, and local levels of government. Overdraft includes interviews with prominent leaders in government, economics, and journalism alongside …

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Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda

full documentary

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda confirms the reality of the microchip agenda, and shows that the weapon of propaganda has been used against the public for decades in order to familiarize us with the idea of being chipped. This process is called predictive programming and its purpose is literally to program the mind of the victim so as …

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